arduio due & tft lcd touchscreen

Hello,I am a newbie in arduino and I know basic things.
I have an arduino due and a tft lcd touchscreen like the picture. I had tried any library I found at internet . I succeed in making touchscreen to work but the screen is always white. Can anyone guide me on how to make the screen work?
Maybe the problem is that I don't know the chip of the tft. How can I determine it?
I have not see in any example of library how to declare the digital pins of the screen. Is there a possibility to do this. Is this maybe the problem.
I attach a photo of how I connect the tft.Thanks a lot guys.
the tft is 2.4"

It "looks" like a regular Red 2.4" Mcufriend Display shield.
The screen is normally attached to the shield pcb with some double-sided sticky cushion patches.

Your photo shows either incredibly bad manufacture or you have been fiddling.

It should work with the MCUFRIEND_kbv library. (if your meddling has not broken it)


Thanks a lot David. It was the only library I didn't found and finally it works!!!

Many many thanks!!!