Arduion tutorials/books for noobs

Hello everyone.

I will keep it short. I have an Arduino UNO board,little breadboard, LEDs and few servos. (can obtain other components)

Programming is really a new thing for me. What tutorials or books are more suitable for beginners. ( I tried tweaking with examples and looking at forum+tutorials for help with code but I am lost in how that stuff work)

Which ones did you find useful and clearly written? I am more interested in people that started from scratch without previous experience in programming but any good advice is appreciated.

Thank you.

That one's free. The author also has a book which has gotten very good reviews:

i can give you a torrent or you can look for it with tons of Arduino text and even some books. Not that i am supporting you downloading copies of the books but hey if its out there then be resourceful.

Brian W.Evans Arduino programming notebook- find it and download. It is free

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