ArDUMPino - Sega Genesis game cart (ROM) reader

Hi everyone!

This is my first real project using Arduino: A Sega Genesis cartridge reader/dumper:

I've tested it using a protoboard (I will post pictures later, it's ugly but functional) and it worked great! A friend of mine (tobe81cwb) is going to help me on makink the final PCB!

Complete source code and schematics are available trhough the project page's SVN. Also, all documentation I've read to make everything is available there.

I will update my blog with a more in depth essay about ArDUMPino and how it works! :slight_smile:

Hope you all like it!



Coooooooooooooooool! :sunglasses:

Will definitely be checking that out in detail. Nice one!

As promised, the ArDUMPino article:

Enjoy! :wink:


Great project. Thanks for the extra info.

Genesis cartridges don't have any hideous memory paging/mapping then?

And you should definitely get the PCB printed as designed on your site; it looks sick with that little Sonic on there. :sunglasses:

My friend tobe81cwb was the board designer and he's working on getting the PCB done for me! :wink:

I will post pictures of the real thing when it's done! :wink:



very nice to find this! i've been programming last few day for the sega genesis :slight_smile: and like to make a cartridge containing my program. would it also be possible to write to an EEPROM and put it on a cartridge PCB?

Hi there!

I would recommend FLASH memory instead of EEPROM: it's way cheaper and speed is great:

You will need two of the above so you'll get a 16bit (8 + 8) data bus.

You could use your arduino as a FLASH programmer to write the rom data to the FLASH chips! :slight_smile:



Thanx Bootsector for the reply!

but ordered an EEprom programmer and some chips of of ebay already...

still think i'm going to try your suggestion though, i'll probably have some more questions for you then.