Ardunio DMX Reciever - Display input data 0-255 from all 512 channels on TFT

Hello. Very new here.

I'm thinking of going heads first into a project.
I would like to hear if this project is possible to make, and maybe a little guidance.

I would like to make a simple board, that i can throw in a rugged housing and use as a testing tool.

The idea is:
The board gets fed DMX from a lighting console or similar.
The boards reads all the DMX values for each of the 512 channels.
The board then outputs the values on a 3.2 or similar touch screen with 0-255 being shown (maybe option to convert to 0-100%)
It could look a little like this, with the option to change pages only showing 100 channels on each page or so, and maybe just a black and white layout, but the design is the least concern now.

Has anyone build a similar DMX testing device, and could point me in the right direction? Or maybe stop me if it's impossible to build?

Best regards.

Or maybe stop me if it's impossible to build?

I would first find a display that can show so much data and see if it can be driven from an Arduino.

Why does it need to be a touch screen?

Take a browse here. May need to write a driver.