Ardunio + Flash + BlueSmirf Problem

I recently got the flash demo I found at working through usb. Basically the program just turns LED's on and off through some buttons in flash. I tried substituting the usb with my bluesmirf but the data that is transfered seems to be messed up.

I am using the OS X version of serialproxy which i modified


Port 1 settings (ttyS0)


This seems to work as the bluesmirf's red LED lights up.

Normally in flash i get good output but when i change it over to the bluesmirf i get:

Arduino says -- ¾[ch65533]¾[ch65533]¾[ch65533]¾

Any ideas anyone?

Baud rate setting maybe? I know it is different for the BT.

when you get these values there are mostly the wrong bautrates!

usb arduino normaly has a ~9600 bautrate bluetooth arduino has a ~115000 bautrate


A quick clarification: The Official Arduino BT is NOT the bluesmirf module sold by sparkfun any question regarding that board should be posted on the Sparkfun forums...

Arduino BT uses a different Bluetooth module and has different requirements..

At the moment there is a proliferation of arduino "compatible" boards and support is becoming an issue....