ardunio IDE has stopped working

problem signature: problem event name: APPCRASH application name: ardunio.exe application version: application timestamp: 57e25d34 fault module name: ardunio.exe fault module virsion: fault module timestamp: 57e25d34 exception code: 8000003 exception offset: 0007ff5f OS virsion: 6.1.7600. locale ID: 103 additional information 1: e29f additional information 2: e29fd870a3231a39170469ea53bf18d5 additional information 3: 8f0a additional information 4: 8f0aa92ba321b150c964d6779b2e0f9a

window 7 ultimate is installed

Please give more information of the problem. Please run the program arduino_debug from the command line and paste the output after the crash here using code tags(</> button on the toolbar).

Can you please tell me how I start Ardunio_debug by command line ???????? I am learner now ....... so please tell me step by step

  • Windows Start button > Run.. > cmd
  • cd/d {Arduino IDE installation folder}
  • arduino_debug

it is not working ......... It reply incorrect command.....

Post a screen shot.