Ardunio Joy-Mouse

In my quest for alternative input controller or in simple words a better mouse, I ordered a 3-axis accelerometer and hooked it up to the Ardiuno.
The original idea was to mount the accelerometer on top of a glove; the problem with this is that the turn inwards and the turn outwards of the wrist are not even.
Then I sow this post USB Game pad with tilt-accelerometer mouse
And then sow this Silicon Republic: Arduino based Human Interface Device (continued)
Which made me think, what if I take a joy stick and turn it into the JOY-MOUSE, by adding the accelerometer as movement control and the really needed mouse scroller.
I had a joystick that I purchased mainly to take parts out of, it cost less them 3US$ but contain more then 10 pressure pads (for the buttons).
I took all the inner parts of the joystick, except the left up/down button. Which I rewired to act as buttons on the Arduino.
I mounted the accelerometer in the center of the joystick and closed it.
The Arduino comes with a library that allows it to act like a PS2 mouse/keyboard (remember those? the days before the USB took over?) and with the help of a simple ps2 USB I can hook it to the computer (that doesn’t even know what’s PS2).
After a lot of reading: I manged to get the mouse scroller to work as well.
The first version which photos of can be found here: got destroyed by me (short circuiting the nano accidently)
So I bought a new and better (and bigger, so I will have more space inside) joy stick, created a mounting socket for the nano (you learn from mistakes, the privies one I soldered the wires directly into it).
The code FOR SURE can look better, but hey, it works and works well.
Here are photos from my Sec. Version:

link for the library:

If you would like the code, just let me know.

Finally I found the time (and the camera) to make a video