Ardunio Mega 256 R3

HI Everyone

After 4 days of trouble shooting I have concluded the 2 of the MOSFETs are kaput.

Here is my question.

I am building a 3D printer. Using RAMPS 1.4 and a Mega.

Interestingly LCD works fine. I am able to load Marlin firmware but when I try to test the servos nothing

happens. I have re-flashed the bootloader. Still nothing.

I was able to load a diagnostic program that is not pointing to MOSFET failure.

To replace the MOSFET looks simple enough. My question is if I do that will there now be power at the

servo pin outs? or should I just buy a new board?

Thanks for any and all answers.


I don't know what you're talking about. The MEGA2560 R3 doesn't have "MOSFETs"