Ardunio nano light stuck glowing

Ardunio nano light stuck glowing, I have ardunio nano if I connect my data cable to ardunio then my ardunio tx, rx, pwr light is glowing continuously and my ardunio no working please help me if anybody know this problem

Try a different cable.

Try a different nano.

When I connect this nano then computer detect this, so no usb problem is thire.

Could you tell me if Proceeser is damege Or burn then it will happen?

How do you expect us to know? What was the last thing you did BEFORE these symptoms started?

I uplode code and run them, then I was give voltage to my circuit, after some time this thing happened.

Can you upload the Blink example sketch?

Yes but still code are not uplode, it's show avrdude, stk500, problem.
I did refresh, reinstalled drivers but it's not working still this lights are on

Bare Nano, or do you have things connected to it? Did you verify the board and port selection in the Tools menu?

What voltage? To which pin?
What is your project about?
How was it all wired?