Ardunio, on Mac OSX Intel

i can’t the arduino to work with my mac Intel… . It took a while to get the driver up and running (I had to go to FTDI’s site and get the latest driver from there). Arduino sees the driver now, but I keep on getting the “programmer not responding” error… HELP!
[I also installed Arduino on a different non-intel MaxOSX machine, and it works just fine… . so ?]

Did you check the FAQ?

There are a bunch of suggestions there, esp:

Or (especially on Intel Macs), the bootloader on the Arduino board might time out before the compilation of the new sketch finishes and the upload begins. Here's plaidTortoise's fix: "To get it to work I hold down the reset button, click the Upload button and wait a couple of seconds. Then I release the button and a second or so later both the TX and RX Leds on the board light up and both start flashing. The upload then occurs."

This is caused by the slow speed of compiling a sketch with a PPC compiler and will be fixed in Arduino 0005, which will come in Mactel and PPC versions.

This may be a dumb question, but can one use a USB Arduino on a mac, or is it only possible to use the serial one on a mac? I want to buy one of these jewels and start playing with it, just want to buy one I can use!

Never mind, apparently I can use USB by using the FTDI drivers. Am I correct?


Yep, it should be no problem to use the USB Arduino on the Mac. The latest FTDI drivers are included with the Arduino software.