Ardunio Uno CNC - Port Not Detected (sometimes)


I have a problem when I am running my DIY CNC with Ardunio Uno R3 with CNC Shied. Sometimes it works jut fine, but other times, it says it can't find the port. I have used two different USB cables that I know work. I can't figure out what is happening. Sometimes, I reboot and then starts working again. Other times, it stops in middle of a job (yes, I am ensuring computer does not sleep, etc., so that is not the issue) and then has trouble reconnecting after it stops. I tried changing the UBS port and sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. The computer is recognizing when I plug it into the USB as I do hear that little sound. However, sometimes it says USB device not recognized and other times is does not say that. This is weird as it's a totally random when it works and when it does not. It's basically as 50/50 chance that it works. I am using Windows 10 32-bit (most up to date version of Window and Ardunio).

Has anyone experienced this and found a solution. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.



If you load another sketch on your UNO -> same issues or stable? My advice: Try another UNO / Nano and test the stability of the connection again.

If the connectivity still fails eratically -> then my suspicion is that your PC is the cause.

Thanks. In the end, it appears it was the board itself. New board and now all is working perfectly. Thanks for help.