ardunio uno & ssc-32

Hi I am new to building robots and have started building a j5,I am using a ardunio uno,ssc-32 and a sabertooth 2x5 motor controller,on the programme side of things I have got all the servos moving but having trouble with the code to control the tracks is it possible for some one to give me an example of how the code should be so both tracks start at the same time and how long they run for. Many thanks

How is your sabertooth 2x5 normally controlled? Does it have RC control capability much like a servo?

Yes it does have rc like a servo,you have 3 lots of servo leads,channel 1,channel 2, and the third one is called flip which has far has I'm aware you don't use the flip one and on both channel 1&2 you have to remove the red wire out of the servo plugs.

If the sabertooth 2x5 has the rc control functions, then when connected to the ssc-32 like a servo, it can be controlled with the ssc-32 servo control commands.

Hi My 2 lines of code for pins 15 & 31 Look like this Move (15, 1200, 200); Move (31, 1200, 200); This makes both tracks rotate forward and just keep going,is it possible for you to give me example of how the sentence should be typed and what it should consist of any time commands etc. Thanks for your help

I suggest you study the data sheet for your sabertooth and get a good understanding of the way it operates. If it is in the RC mode, you send it the same type of control signals as you would for a servo.

OK thanks