Ardunio with Android

i would like to make simple device that will switch from 5V to 0V on output. This shloud be controlled by Android phone and device shloud be charged from USB. I looked up on Arduino NANO but it looks like that is not supported by ADK. Could you tell me whitch Arduino shloud i use?

Well your not sending it directly to the Arduino, but to the Bluetooth or wifi adapter. Any Arduino will work, especially the Mega with ADK. You need to first learn Java and start with a simple sketch that will work in the serial monitor. If it works there, it will work with an android.

See this thread if you have not programmed Android before.,145241.0.html

Thanks for respond. I can program well (I hope) and i already have Android application. (Arduino code reminds me Assembly language for PIC procesors). I cant use bluetooth or wi-fi so i need to do it over USB. So my question is if i will buy Arduino Nano can i connect this to my Android tablet (Google Nexus 7) and send some message to Arduino? Or which other Arduino shloud i use?

Mega ADK, is made for a USB connection, but it is a lot more expensive. Why can't you use bluetooth?

Security reasons. Meybe i can use it. Can you tell me which arduino have bluetooth module?

There are bluetooth shields for arduino. Also there Modules you can get at digikey or eBay.

You are probably aware of the main problem in using Usb, which is having one of the devices operating as a Usb host. That's basically what the Arduino ADKs are all about. If the Nexus can provide this functionality you can probably do without the ADK. Both ways, you will then have to work on serial communication. A nice feature of Usb hosts is that they can also provide power to connected devices, so if you choose the ADK as the host it will charge your Nexus :roll_eyes: Not exactly your requirement, but you may probably solve the problem through a powered Usb hub.