Ardunio Workshop at Bangalore, India

Few of us have started Bangalore open source hardware user group.

We are planing to have Ardunio Workshop during miniBarCamp at Jaaga, Bangalore on Aug 14 & 15, 2010

For more details

rhydoLABZ and SimpleLABZ are the official distributors of ARDUINO for india. I think rhydoLABZ is more professional and they are having huge ARDUINO collections :wink:

sorry forget to put links.

My suggestion is , better to go for Orginal Arduino (slight price difference), since it will reduce your headache with support from community.

I think rhydoLABZ is more professional

well whatever makes you think we(simple Labs) are less professional... FYI.. we did not start doing whatever we are doing with any commercial interests... we just loved it and keep doing it..

Wow... and its interesting how you have only 2 posts and both on this thread... and add on top of it.. you posted the second time only to be able to post links then i suppose ;)

and whatever makes you suggest original arduinos...clones are the spirit of open-source...aren't they?