ardupilot and analogReference(INTERNAL);

Hi everyone, I have an ardupilot board and I'm trying to use it as arduino 328, since it has practically the same hardware. I just realized a strange behaviour with analogReference(INTERNAL): it'supposed to give a 1.1 volt reference for analog pin, but indeed I verified that the reference is 5V. I didn't measure it directly, but I found that my adxl335 acc. gives a 61 value for g, and 61 is 300 * 1024 / 5000 (300mV/g is the sensitivity of the accelerometer). Does anybody know the reason?

I put analogReference(INTERNAL) in "void setup"

Thank you

I do believe the Ardupilot ties Vcc to the AREF pin. If this is the case, you should NOT use analogReference(INTERNAL), as this will short the internal 1.1v ref to Vcc, and will damage the microcontroller.

Oh! :astonished: thanks