ArduPilot Problems

Hello all! I have finally gotten a working hexacopter up and flying! Yay!

I am still experiencing a few problems that I have unsuccessfully attempted to resolve.

All the ESCs do not sync up at the same time despite both individual and all at once calibration attempts. This does not seem noticable in flight, but I am in loiter mode.

When I land and put the sticks to center and the throttle off, the drone will sometimes attempt to take off or "level" itself even if the landing surface is only a degree or two from level.

When I fly, pushing the sticks forward does not go forward, it goes backwards and vice versa. However, on the same right stick, left moves the drone left and right moves it right. I am assuming the values are set wrong but I am not sure how to change just the up and down of the right stick to reverse it.

Thanks, Tyler

EDIT: I now realize I put this on the wrong forum. I was thinking I was on DIY Drones for some reason. Sorry for the inconvenience

Have you connected right the ESC and tested the brushless motors to spin in the right direction? Looks to me more like a wrong setup of the ESC or a wrong spin on the motors.