ArduRadio help needed!

The ArduRadio is a radio communications project I am working on. However, I have no experience relating to radio. I have a 72MHz transmitter/receiver set salvaged from a remote-control airplane, and two arduinos, but that is all I have that I know I need. I would be happy if someone would show me how I might incorporate the crystal set into a data transmission and reception system, and any other components that are needed.

Well the transmitter and receiver are limited in the things they can do. Your only going to have a few commands you'll be able to transmit and receive. You would be better off with a set of Xbees.

Without some detailed circuit diagrams of the radio gear, you'll be limited to what you can hack onto the existing controls. Even then, you could probably come up with some fairly clever data transmission, based on pulse widths. You don't mention the manufacturer, or even how many channels you've got available.

Do you have access to, and can you drive, an oscilloscope? Do you understand how model R/C works?

I have a 72MHz transmitter/receiver set salvaged from a remote-control airplane,

I don't think you have.

You might have a 27MHz transmitter/receiver.

As asked before what sort is it?

I think I put that incorrectly. I meant I had a 72MHz transmitter and receiver components(The two-leaded components in a little metal can, ), and I am sure it uses FM and is 72MHz. However, I have no idea how I will use these for the project, nor how these work.

The two-leaded components in a little metal can, a crystal.

Looks to be in the 40MHz range.

You are not permitted to construct transmitters from components unless you have a licence. Currently the only sort of licence an individual can get is a ham radio licence.

You can operate certain transmitters operating at certain frequencies below certain power limits if they are type approved. That means the design has been submitted and verified by a recognised test house.

Therefore if your project is to build a transmitter it is illegal.

Nevermind about the previous post. I'm looking into the license and I have requested radio license information from the Federal Communications Commission, so hope might not be lost.

BTW, the crystal in the photo was just an example(72MHz FM is printed right on the can of the one I own)

It's worth noting the 72MHz band in USA is only to be used for controlling model aircraft.