are 3.2" lcd tft shield compatable with a 7" lcd screen?

ok so i bought a 3.2" lcd with a tft shield that came with the 3.2" lcd, it works great no issue...

but what i wanted to know was can i used this 3.2" lcd tft shield on a 7" lcd screen or will i have to buy a different type tft lcd shield for the 7" screen?

the 3.2" lcd and the shield that came with it is a sainsmart brand... the new 7" lcd screen i was looking to buy is also a sainsmart brand...

does anyone have any info for this?

Assuming the pin layouts on the screens are the same then you should be fine.

Check how many backlight LED's are on the 7" screen - you may find that there are too many to safely power it from the Arduino and thus you may need to supply an external power source.

so if the arduino mega 2560 doesnt have enough power... will connecting the 7"lcd tft fry my mega 2560?

Your shield is not a problem, but I would seriously advise avoiding Sainsmart products hence forth. If you are planning to buy a 7" CPLD or SSD1963 display I would seriously recommend Coldtears! You will get all the support and help you are ever likely to need from Henning and Coldtears.

By all means save yourself a few $ perhaps if you are that desperate, but the number of problems on this forum that are related to Sainshit products is unbelievable!!!

Everything you are likely to need is available here, some items are actually cheaper than the copies Sainshit sell!! Don't say you have not been warned!



this is the model lcd that i bought...

its a SSD1963 display which you recommended

Ah well, so you saved yourself $3 and probably bought yourself a whole heap of grief........ And I didn't recommend anything, I merely tried to point you in the right direction BEFORE you made the mistake of buying Sainshit............

Did you notice on that page where it says

We will supply you the technical support after your purchase.

Do you know why that is? Because they are supplying unlicensed copies of libraries other people have worked hard to produce, and they just rip them off...... :sob:

Good luck,


so if the arduino mega 2560 doesnt have enough power… will connecting the 7"lcd tft fry my mega 2560?

Maybe not - it looks like coldtears have overcome that issue - from their ebay page:

“Arduino MEGA 3.3v is 150mA, the output may not be enough for driving larger screen (e.g. 7”, 5" LCD modules). Therefore, this shield has a onboard 1A 3.3V regulator to supply enough current to the screen."

But, to be fair, SainSmart do state “On board 400mA DC-DC Boost regulator to provide power supply to LCD backlight”.

So, hopefully, you should be fine.