Are DFRduino UNO sensors Compatible to arduino uno?

Hi, I hope i asked the question in the right category.
I'm trying to make a project where I can measure the sound level of the room using decibels.
Unfortunately, when I tried using the KY-037\038 sensors and other sensors like them, the sensors did not woek well.
Today i found out a new sensor, but it seems to be working with something that is called DFRduino UNO, that i understood it's some clone of arduino.
what i wanted to know is whether I can use the same sensors on arduino as well.
This is the sensor I'm looking to use:

Can it work on arduino as well?


The instructions in your link say to use a DFRduino UNO in order to give you the idea that you must use their Uno clone instead of a genuine Uno or an Uno clone from any of 100 other manufacturers. This technique is called "Marketing".