Are Materia 101 made to order?

Hey guys :smiley:

I recently got into Arduino and was hoping to get into 3D Printing, and I've been looking at the Materia 101 since both of those are relevant. However, the store site is rather..... odd.

It says "THIS IS PREORDER TYPE PRODUCT WITH 30 DAYS DELIVERY TIME". Also, when I look around at Radioshack/Best Buy/Ebay, they don't list any Materia 101 anywhere; you would have thought SOMEONE would be trying to sell them.....

I just suppose I'm kind of confused/concerned since I can't find reviews on it anywhere (I can find the specs/"Arduino joins the 3D printer race" on multiple sites, but never anything else.....) and ~$800 is kinda a lot of money.

Just a note: Elektor magazine has just started selling them. see: www.

That is where I ordered mine. There is just the same data as found on the arduino site.


I've been looking for the 'Arduino Materia 101 kit' too. Some months ago it was available and by a price less than 700€.

In Elektor web page you can buy it but by a price much more expensive: more than 900€!!!

What happened with the selling at Arduino web page?

Does anybody knows?

Arduino doesn't sell the materia 101 anymore I guess, but, sharebot has a nearly the same printer called the kiwi-3d: This one comes with the rumba controller board rather than ramps. Rumba is simply ramps plus atmega 2560 on the same pcb like shown here:

Since Arduino decided to remove their ordering site, I guess that we may become an orphan unless others take up the baton. You may want to peruse the site and look at the at the listings and price. You will find that a comparable printer appears to be in the 1200 dollar range about 1080 euros. I wonder if the assembled printer plan has fallen through.

I'm half expecting it to turn up on the site, although I hope not.


For reasons independent of our will, Arduino Materia 101 is now not available in the store. Thanks for your patience, we'll update you when it's back online!

ps. If you want to get an email when it's back online, PM me.

Hurray, the materia 101 will be back again.