are strings (defined as arguments for a function) stored in RAM or PGM memory?

I'm doing something simple, but perhaps the wrong way.

I'm implementing a short help function in an Arduino Uno system, using about 40 lines of

Serial.println("Text goes here, with about 30 chars per string");

I find that the program works fine with only about 20 lines are included in the program, but hangs from the get-go if there are 40 to 50 Serial.println("30 chars of stuff here") in the program.

Are the string arguments for Serial.println() allocated to RAM at compile time, rather than PGM memory? Or is there some other problem with what I'm doing?

Look into using PROGMEM, to force static strings to be stored in FLASH, rather than RAM.

Regards, Ray L.

Serial.println("This text is going into SRAM");
Serial.println(F("This text isn't"));

Great. Thank you. I'll give that a try.