Are the user posting counts right?

I think with the upgrade there may have been some adjustment to the user posting counts. I think I recall seeing over 950 for myself and now it’s in the 880 area. Did posts from the old old forum get dropped from the accounting or something?

Yeah that seems to have happened to everyone, to varying degrees. I lost about a 100, Grumpy Mike said 3000 I think.


Hi, i know that all have this problem but we have to fix also this please be patient. yesterday i have worked 11am to 1am and today i'm here for other 10-12 h

mrdanny you are a braver man than me, taking on a forum upgrade. I hope you can get it all sorted, but 1AM, really, I work till 2AM on a normal day.

Just kiddin' :slight_smile: I do work until 2 but there's no stress in what I work on.