Are the winter blues setting in?

Everyone seems to be a little grumpy lately, with exception to grumpy mike, who seems alot happier than most :wink:

So, what gives? :slight_smile:

cool story bro

with exception to grumpy mike, who seems alot happier than most

That’s because I have just lost my job. :slight_smile:

The sales guys didn’t sell enough of what I made so it’s my fault apparently.

And I am thinking what to do next.

Serious? Sorry to hear that Grumpy Mike. So typical of the way things work. Management and marketing sitting on top of techies. >:(

Don’t dispair. Looking solely at your input on these forums, someone with your expertise and skill should surely find employment somewhere else, hopefully at a place where you are appreciated for your skills.

Hope you don’t worry, maybe its for the better :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear that Mike, you should make some electronics basics kits(velleman style) or teach :wink:


Yes I did lecture at a University for 21 years until 1998.

I also used to sell kits of parts for projects in the pre internet days. (for the BBC Computer here in the UK)

I am pondering if there is any mileage in doing freelance work in the electronics / art space. I have seen many exhibits lately in galleries that use electronics and by day three half of them seem to have broken. I was wondering if consultancy to artists might turn a crust for me.
With my redundancy money I would have three months to see if it were viable.

good luck Mike that sounds like a good option :slight_smile:

cool story bro

too many channers here…