Are there 3 PWM ATtiny chips?

So I've been looking at tons of forum posts on this topic today but can't find a real clear answer. I know that one can either use software emulation to achieve PWM on 3 output pins for the ATtiny, but I'd rather do hardware and not have to think about it. Some people talk about new "cores" for the ATtiny, but I'm unsure what that is. Does anybody, such as Sparkfun, simply sell 3 PWM ATtiny chips? I'm trying to control RGB LEDs.

The ATtiny2313A/4313 has four PWM channels.

The ATtiny24/44/84 has four PWM channels.

The ATtiny25/45/85 has some PWM channels that share pins with OTHER PWM channels so you can't use all four.

Oh I was so confused because amtel's site had a picture of a 6 pin chip for the ATtiny84. I get it. Thank you!


Unfortunately that chart doesn't show the pins associated with OC (Output Compare) registers. For most chips there are two OC registers per timer. That's why the Arduino UNO has 6 PWM pins (three timers with two output pins each).