Are there any cases good for holding arduino and electrical related stuff?

That has slots for jumper cables, resistors, main modules, etc.?

If you're based in the US, I suggest taking a look at a local Harborfreight strore. I use some of their plastic cases to hold all sorts of things. They have one case that contains about 20 little cases inside that are perfect for small ICs, SMD parts, etc. The bigger cases they sell can hold everything from wires to fully-assembled Arduino boards. All for less than $5 per set.

I also recommend getting a plastic label-making machine to label the various compartments. Makes sorting stuff easier.

As Constantin suggested, any hardware or related store (ACE, Home Depot, Lowes, Farm and Fleet, the aforementioned Harborfreight, etc…) would have some good parts cases. Some department stores, like Sears, or arts and crafts stores can also be worthwhile to investigate.

If you are looking for something stationary to put on or near your workbench, don’t rule-out office supply stores. For example, I recently bought several stackable bins and modular shelves that nicely store larger electronics components and multiple small PCBs, like Arduino UNOs and Megas.

Pill boxes are incredibly useful, have a look in your local pharmacy. The most useful ones have seven individual compartments (so folks can sort thier pills at the start of the week) with separate lids on one side and a single compartment on the rear. Whenever I am breadboarding I use components from a single pill box, if I need anything that wasn't in the box at the start, it goes into the box at the end - as you might expect I can get more and more done without having to look outside the box.

Duane B.

Go to walmart, supermarket, or the dollar store and check the available plastic containers for food or craft parts. Zip-lock type baggies can hold parts too. Just depends on how many parts you have and particular storage requirements.

This looks cool but is on backorder:

This one is from adafruit but a bit pricy:

I say snoop around the organizers at a retail store and find something.

I travel quite a bit and have considered a box with a power supply, breadboard, etc. that I could chunk in my suitcase...

"I travel quite a bit and have considered a box with a power supply, breadboard, etc. that I could chunk in my suitcase..."

Arduino on the go!

Anyway, thanks all.. Will look into the pill holder idea, as well as the walmart etc. ideas.

What might also do is a tackle box.