Are there force-sensing buttons?

For a project, we are looking for a button that can measure a finger press. Does something like this exist?

We have looked at the force-sensitive resistor, but we were hoping for something more button-like.

some force-sensitive resistor are round and small

it could be covered with a soft membrane and look like a button

There are other looks ( Tension Load Cell)

Load cells are a thing, but they aren't anything like a button.

a typical button is not force sensitive either... so you have to adjust :slight_smile:

This would go better with a better description of the project. Just based on what you mention if I wanted to measure the force a finger places on a button I would use a "button load cell" which are very common small load cells. A Google of button load cell will bring up a dozen hits of examples. You don't mention any specific range of expected force? No mention of a budget either? Depending exactly on your application they can be inexpensive to expensive depending on manufacturer and uncertainty.


Note that electronic organs - the good ones - use not pressure sensing, but velocity sensing. They have a "NC" and a "NO" contact with significant spacing between, and determine the time between when the common leaves the "NC" and when it contacts the "NO".

This is relevant to a musical instrument, but may or may not suit what is asked here,

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interesting, I did not know that!

Pressure sensitivity allows for MIDI aftertouch, velocity doesn't - you really want both for MIDI, except for a pure piano emulation where aftertouch isn't meaningful.

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