Are these piezo sensors compatible with arduino?

I'd like to make a MIDI drumset using arduino (hihat pedal - flip-flop with a LDR sensor (please advise me which one of above to use), bass pedal - accelerometer, drums and cymbals - piezo sensors). Drums and cymbals - piezos attached to metal plates and covered by mousepad-like "foam" from both sides.

Are the above parts ok? Which sensors are better - larger or smaller ones? also, which LDRs to use? And, what else do I need for wiring everything up so it ends with a single USB cable which is like MIDI out to PC (FL studio-addictive drums for that)?

Thanks in advance! By the way, I'm newbie in this, so please don't use complicated words and stuff :)

You can use them all with the Arduino.

Piezo: large or small, both can be used. Perhaps you should try both which one give the best result. Use an 1M ohm resistor in parallel of the piezo.

The Arduino Uno has only 6 analog inputs. It that enough for you ? The Mini pro has 8 analog inputs. The Leonardo has 12 analog inputs. The Mega 2560 has 16 analog inputs.

The LDR sensors need a resistor and you can connect them to an analog input. The first LDR link is a LDR of 20k - 50k, dark is 2M ohm. The second LDR link is a LDR of 5k - 10k, dark is 500k You can use both, perhaps the second one is easier, because of the lower resistance. They roughly detect the amount of light. How do you want to make a flip-flop with it ?

I don't know how to make USB to midi. This is old style midi,

I forgot to mention; I have a mega 2560. Flipflops - just search "arduino air drums" on youtube and click the first result, you will understand what I'm talking about...


This is about midi via usb,,22047.0.html

Hi there!! I’ve made something with piezos, arduino and usb-to-pc interaction, take a look: