Are these Shift Registers The Same?

Hello Community,
I’m only starting to play around with electronics so I’m not quite sure about different components but I was just wondering if this: is the same shift register that is in this:

I know the component code is the same which is 74HC595N but I’m not sure if the one on eBay is different in anyway.

The e-bay part is possibly counterfeit, other wise no.

What makes you think they aren't the same? or are counterfeit?

Suffice it to say that these overseas sellers can have dubious sources or handling practices. But even if it isn't an official TI chip you probably will never notice the difference.

So are you saying although it's a cheap knock off it will still do the same thing?

Well the user name "tinxi-surprise" is a bit of a worry.

But these common IC 's are produced in vast numbers in china, and much cheaper than they were 10 or 20 years ago.

If there are multiple eBay vendors selling the same product at around the same price, then they are probably going to work. But if a bunch of vendors are selling the chip for $5 and one vendor is selling it for $1, then the low price may be "too good to be true".

I buy almost all of my supplies from China and don't encounter any problems. The main reason is the huge difference in postage/shipping costs.

In my experience from ebay parts and jaycar...

The ebay clones work just as well... however the clones don't handle higher voltages, for example a 555 bought from jay car was happywith 12v. The 555's off of ebay stopped working over 9-10v likewise for other ics including 7hc595s...


I'd like to know for sure how to tell if it's a clone or not. (Other than testing all the max specifications to make sure it meets specifications)

It is probbly not a clone but a chip from the reject bin, that is why they are so cheap.

I really need to huge ammount of them and as someone said (on a YouTube video) “It’s cheaper to buy components in bulk.” So I figured it would cost way! To much to buy them from Jarcar as I would be needing over 100 maybe even more than that. So do you think its worth just buying one pack of them. Then test them all out see if they work the same as the one I got with my Arduino?

Forget Jaycar, they aren't serious. How much from Mouser, Element14 or Digikey. At least they will be kosher parts from them.

E14 are in Aus as well which often helps with shipping.

EDIT: I just looked at the links, I see the Jaycar item is actually a "Experimenter's Kit for Arduino", so you won't get that from Mouser et al I suspect. So why are we comparing a kit with a chip?


Just get them from ebay if you want to keep the price down… they work fine mostly.

@Graynomad In the starting post I said I wanted a shift register like the one in the kit from Jaycar.

I just searched for the 595 at jaycar and found nothing...

Yet it is included in the startup kit, which makes me think the components in the kit were sourced from overseas like china, in which case buy them from ebay.

Unless you know the provenance of the 595 in the kit the question is moot. Any 595 you find in an ad is "like" the one in the kit.


Graynomad: Forget Jaycar, they aren't serious. How much from Mouser, Element14 or Digikey. At least they will be kosher parts from them.

I checked those prices and they're around $.30/ea USD in larger quantities.

What I can't find is a store selling a "74HC595N"; TI only seems to produce a "CD74HC595N" or "SN74HC595N". If I understand my logic chips right it would suggest that the eBay chip is a much, much older tech / older chip?

CD and SN are the TI prefixes. There's also MM, M, MC from other sources.

39.6 cents each in 100 lot qtys. Parts with traceability back to OEM.

CD and SN are the TI prefixes.

The chips in the eBay link didn’t have either prefix printed on them. I can’t find anything on the TI site that explains if that is or was normal or not.

Seller might have just left them off the listing. Or not added them because the actual delivered chips might be some other brand.

You might like to look at this thread from 31st December where 74HC595's bought from an eBay seller caused the poster a lot of trouble:

Substandard parts in that case and possibly bad luck, but something to bear in mind if you're planning to buy in quantity considering the headache it could cause...

cjdelphi: I just searched for the 595 at jaycar and found nothing...

Is this the same shift register?