are this laser power real ?

i want to build a cnc machine to cut fabric using laser so i found this cheap chinase laser in aliexpress but i don't know are this laser power are real the saler say in the describtion the output power are 10000mw/10watts

and if that fake can you suggest one for me ?

the product link the product

I don't know about the actual power, but anything near is very dangerous to play with. Any reflection directly into an eye from a shiny surface will do a lot of damage.

It is essential that you use the correct laser safety glasses when working on the project.


The listing is wrong. 10,000 is just saying the distance range can be 10,000meters.
It is a simple hobby laser pointer. It will be <5mW.
You won’t cut anything with it.

But when you get around to finding a cheap chinese laser to burn fabric with, please get it on video.

Expect to pay over $400 for a "10W" solid state laser engraver: Note that the "10W" is for pulses up to 100 ns, up to 50% duty cycle. Continuous power they say is 6-6.5W.

You can get a 40W CO2 laser tube for about $150 but the power supply is another $200. you can get a full system for $300 but the "MoshiSoft"/"MoshiDraw" software is TERRIBLE.