Are you a generalist or specialist?

This weekend I specialised in washing machine repairs on Saturday ( replacing a broken spider inside the drum ) then specialised in finishing off the debugging of my current scoreboards that are going out today, then I specialised in finding why the car starter doesn’t always work ( especially when the wifes using it ! )
Now I must specialise in sourcing the components for my next projects.

I think will stick to being a generalist, it seems easier.

Sounds good Boffin,

This weekend I specialised in partaking in the making of good food to share and enjoy with a couple of good friends with many bottles of, hic, slurpy juice with them there bubbles, hic, in it while talking all things solar and batteries and other deep and meaningful things about life. Damn, why is this bottle empty again, hic :blush:

Then woke up to a slow morning, generally just wondering where I had left my brains. While pondering over that, I pulled out a heap of special wires from my main electrical cabinet as I am in the middle of redesigning my small microhydro system after many faithful reliable years of service. Fortunately there were no mishaps, all special blue smoke remains in components. I continued to then clean and check the backup generator, after which I rolled out the quad and dusted it off and used a very special technique I use a certain manual device to put escaped air back into the slightly deflated front tyres as I needed to venture up to my neighbour some 500 metres up the bush track I live on.

Arrive at my friendly neighbour and the afternoon saw me again performing special work. Generally sweating like a wild pig on a hot late summer's day, lifting, moving 24 heavy 2 Volt 600 Amp/hr batteries from an awkward location. Almost tasting and feeling the battery acid mixed with dripping sweat from my clothes I knew what I was waring would possibly not see the end of day, instead, turning a pale brown and falling as autumn leaves discard the tree. I proceed, checking and reconnecting and re-checking all the cabling and connectors, ready for the big breaker switch to be re-united. Power on, nothing went bang, no smoklets rings appearing, we grin, a fine job done. So we, err, again without so much as a thought, we went out to celebrated with, hic, more of that err, special bubbly stuff, damn that's a fine bottle, or was, hic.

The morning light encouraged me out of my deep slumber. Slowly as I rolled my eyes around and forward, my mind became aware of the outside world once more and proving to myself I was able to know front from back of a motorbike, I took to the road with my riding mate, my neighbour, to experience some eye rolling, sphincter puckering riding through a few twisties around my neck of the woods. Arriving at another friends place, where a lunch of omelet with garden picked greens followed by freshly baked home made cake was served before working out how to make a welding repair to an old cast iron bed and then to look at fixing her all singing all dancing electronic exercise bike, so she could exercise while watching tv. As thanks, she winked and whispered something that sounded strangely like, she thought the sun shone out, well, we all know where. With another good deed done, we made the general enquiry if she had any of that good tasting stuff with, err, stuff with bubbles. Jokingly, I guessed not, we needed to be responsible as we were riding and had the same fun filled road to take to get back home, safely.

Safely home I mixed four cups of flour a cup of spelt flour, two tablespoons of yeast, added water, mixing and kneading and hey presto, fresh bread from the oven. Enjoyed with salad and red wine watching the setting of the sun through the trees in the Australian bush.

I wonder what tomorrow will hold?


I couldnt work for anyone again, even if I was younger, and miss all the freedom of being self unemployed.