AREF 5V - > Measuring 0-5V analog pin

is it possible to use the AREF-Pin (5V) of the mkr zero for measuring analog signals between 0 - 5V?
I can't find any information in the datasheet or somewhere else.

You want to use Aref as an analog input?


No sorry, i want to use any analog input A0,A1.. But according to the datasheet there is no way to measure analog voltage > 3,3 V. I want to measure in a range from 0 - 5V. I thought it could be possible if i connect Aref to 5V VCC.

a couple of resistors forming a voltage divider will do the trick. For 5 to 3.3 I use 2 10K's in series to cut the voltage in 1/2 would give a max analog input of 2.5ish volts.

If you want to tweak the resistor values here is a divider calculator, voltage divider link a handy link to have around

For more voltage divider info use the words "arduino 5 to 3.3 voltage voltage divider" in your internet search engine.

Thank you Idahowalker for the hint but i already know that "trick". Unfortunately, this still does not answer my question from above. I hope someone knows if this is technically possible.

Answer is in post#2.

I'll repeat.

The answer is no.

Hi @falko123

The SAMD21 datasheet states that the maximum external analog reference voltage that can be applied to the Aref pin is VDDANA - 0.6V.

For the MKR boards this is 2.7V max.

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