Arghhh! Can't update board packages to get access to Trinket BSP

Dang! This is frustrating that the Trinket board package is NOT included in the basic download for 1.6.7 What the heck!

I am attempting to update the Board package, but get the dreaded error "Error Downloading...etc...package_index.json"

I have turned off my mcafee firewall and virus scan.

Running Win 7, I have checked my internet properties \ connections \LAN settings and I have these checked : automatically detect settings and use automatic config script (proxy server is not checked).

I've updated my Java to the most recent as of this posting.

What now? (please use small words :slight_smile: )

Since Boards Manager is not working for you do a manual installation of the adafruit boards package instead. Just follow the instructions under the Manual Installation section of Arduino 1.6.x IDE | Adafruit Arduino IDE Setup | Adafruit Learning System.