arlcd with uno on the back

Hello, i recently purchased the arlcd with the uno on the back. i am having trouble with it receiving any data and displaying it via the serial monitor. i connected a ds3231 rtc to it using i2c with no joy! installed 4.7k pullup resistors and still no joy! ran a i2c scan sketch to test if any thing could be found but still nothing. i set up a temp sensor into analog pin A1 and read from the serial monitor but still nothing.

i then repeated the above using a genuine uno and all worked find?

what do you think might be the problem with the arlcd? just like the idea of the touch screen for my projects.

i can upload the example sketches from the arlcd library no problem, all displays fine. just wont receive and data from useful sensors i want to use.

does firmware need updating? cant seem to download it, is this device still supported?

many thanks all help appreciated.

What is an "arlcd"?

Posting a link to its datasheet would be a big help.


You may have a bad board or you may have done something wrong. Who knows since you aren't showing what you did?

no joy!

Not a very technical description of what happened. The only way I know to find joy is Jesus. Have you tried that?

Delta_G: The only way I know to find joy is Jesus. Have you tried that?

That don't work either :)


Robin2: That don't work either :)


You're not doing it right then. Post your code and your error messages.