ARlcd wstack() read


New here and fooling around with the ARlcd.
The ARlcd has function wstack(). It does the following according to the manual

The WSTACK command is used to see what widget touch commands have
happened. It is a 32 deep stack to prevent missing any screen presses when the
user is processing other things. It can be used with interrupts or not.
Three global variables are updated each time this command is called.
currentWidget gets the ID of the event
currentInfo gets the info about the event. 0=nothing to report.
currentData gets the Data related to the event.
By monitoring the currentInfo and currentWidget the user can track touch events
without missing any.
Info and Data vary between widgets. See explanation below.
volatile unsigned int currentWidget;
volatile unsigned int currentInfo;
volatile unsigned int currentData;
lcd.wstack( cmd );
cmd is the command requested of the wstack.
0 = read data from FIFO (FIFO)
1 = read data from LIFO (LIFO)
2 = clear all data in the FIFO (CLEAR)
3 = read data nondestuctive from FIFO (PEEK)

Now I've tried to read lcd.wstack(0); but it only gives me the latest widget I used.
Is there anyway to read out (insequence) all the latest widgets?

Thx alot