? ARM 7 cache

I have tried to find information about the cache architechture inside ARM7.
Is there any and how is it organized ? Does every core have a cache of its own ?

As I understand it, this kind of cache for every core is needed, if you want to use the whole power of the cores. Otherwise the bus is the botleneck of the processing speed.

I have had some tablets with various processors and I have been wondering about the prosesing speed of them. So far the most important aspect has been the RAM: more RAM - more speed. The number of cores has not been so important.
This might be because the software has been mostly written for one core and the OS has not known how to move the projects to multiple cores.

According to http://arm.com/products/processors/classic/index.php
arm7 chips don't support cache, although presumably a vendor could implement some cache as part of the memory subsystem.

Or did you mean armv7 architecture CPUs like the cortex a5?