ARM Microcontrollers

I am considering getting a ARM microcontroller but I am having a hard time trying to finding boards with half-decent support. I have looked at the mBed and the LPXpresso and they look alright. Is anyone out there into ARM microcontrollers and would like share some knowledge of whats out there? I am looking for something with a Cortex-M3 as that is the new thing. I am good at figuring out things so I don’t mind a challenge but I would like the board to be fairly well documented and have a decent sized community. I am not looking for something like the BeagleBoard but rather something in between the BeagleBoard and the Arduino. I have no real specific plans for this device so it needs to be fairly general purpose. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

There has been a thread running for about six months on what sounds just what you are looking for:


Ah I didn’t see that thanks!