Arming a brushless motor through ESC - 2

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I was able to arm a motor controller with Arduino resets in between.

Uploaded code below to Arduino (from @helitus )
Turned on the ESC switch. Fan started spinning.
Reset Arduino
Around i=76 in setup() heard 3 beeps and then nothing happened
Reset Arduino again
Around i=76 heard 1 beep in setup()
Motor started spinning wildly that battery got disconnected.


How do I make sure 3 beeps and then the 1 beep happen without Arduino reset in between?

What does variable i mean in the code? Speed or angle or throttle or frequency or PWM ?

How do I gradually accelerate the motor?

Tested code:

#include <Servo.h>

Servo motor;

void setup ()
int i = 0;

//Give some time before you start anything like switching on your ESC / Motor

Serial.print("Arming Test Starts in ");
for(i =10; i > 0; i--)
Serial.print(".. ");

// Watch for the tone when the ESC gets armed

for(i = 60; i < 80; i++)

void loop()
motor.write(80); delay(1000);
motor.write(91); delay(2000);