Array, char array, string....

I'm trying to get back to some old projects after a brief 6 month hiatus and am a bit confused on the best usage of an array, char array, and string. I've read many posts on the forum and web in general, but seem to get contradictory info which I would guess is just me since I cannot ask any questions there.

I had a simple setup going sending an array over serial to an xbee, getting received by another xbee and again using serial communications (with the help of Robin2's posts) to get things happening. The transmit side was a simple array (only 3 int's) that I sent individually through serial with beginning and end markers.

I'm now changing the transmit side to SPI with the xbee and will be adding in many more bytes to send. I have read many times that while strings have their uses, they can be problematic for inexperienced people and don't seem to be what I'm needing anyhow.

That leads me to arrays and char arrays. I associate char to letters a,b,c, etc, but also know they have a numeric value ( what the processor sees)

I am keeping all the numbers I will be sending as single bytes, and there will be a dozen or so in the end. I need not do any operations on the array other than update the variables each loop.

Is a simple array correct, or a char array right, or am I totally lost and both are good?