Array; how to input elements into an Array using the Serial Monitor; h

I am a newbie: I am trying to learn Arrays.
(1) Using the Serial Monitor, what is the format to enter _elements into an Array listed in a program ?
(2) how should the Array appear in the program so that it can accept new _elements
(3) Is there a memory problem when 70 new elements are added?

A lot of questions, a answer (1) is really needed !

Thank you for the help.


Serial Input Basics
You can send something like <1,5,2,99,3> to fill a five element array. Use strtok() to split and, if needed, atoi / strtol to convert text to numbers
Not sure what you mean.
Depends on the type of elements and how much memory your code uses.

On most Arduinos, it’s advisable to pre-allocate space for the maximum number of elements that is to be expected (maybe this answers (2))