Array implementation!

I want arduino access to an array 103x103 integer numbers. How is possible to implement this? by file stored in sd or like a lib file or ..? Wich is the easiest solution? tks in advance luigi

Do you need to change the value? If not, you could use PROGMEM

If not, you could use PROGMEM

Depending on which Arduino you have, and what else the sketch is doing. The array will use more than 20K bytes of the 32K available for the sketch on a ATMega328 based Arduino.

What does the data in the array represent?

Thank you for reply. The matrix I have represents a look up table generated off-line by a fuzzy logic regulator. So reading the LUT will generate the fuzzy control response. The input are error angle and its derivate. At the end I would like to have a fuzzy controller for the horizontal position of a quadricopter...instad of a pid controller..that's all! Thank you Luigi

Using PROGMEM how I can load the matrix? instead of writing value per value..?

With PROGMEM, you compile your tables in with the rest of your source code.

With PROGMEM do you have a limit in array dimension? tks

With PROGMEM do you have a limit in array dimension

Yes, of course - you can't use more memory for the sketch and array than the processor has.

So, instead of a controll loop you want to use a fixed lookup table, seems like not going to work.