Array of Sensors Single Board Project

I’m wondering if someone could give advice. I’m interested in making an array of sensors that I can input to an arduino board. I would like to keep it as minimal as possible but my lack of knowledge of electronics has me missing a few components in the signal chain. Here is a quick diagram of my idea if anyone could help fill in the blanks as to what electronic components to use. My question is instead of having 12 sensors going to 12 separate inputs (which would require multiple boards), can I put an array of sensors into 1 input and then make some kind of graph to retrieve all the separate data?

Signal Chain:

Array of 12 or more sensors >> Input A0 (single input?) >> array of floats >> output via wifi (nano board?)

It depends mainly on the interface of your sensors. Simple tilt switches can be arranged in a matrix, while digital gyro sensors with an I2C interface can be connected to the I2C bus all together, or with an inserted I2C multiplexer if they have all the same addresses. So which specific sensor do you have in mind?