Arrays as parameters help

So I want to use multiple arrays as parameters for my method but I’m getting an error code and I have no idea what it means “exit status 1
expected ‘,’ or ‘…’ before ‘a’” Any help on how I could fix this?

else if ( value == director) { // if the code is the director code it will welcome the director
           int photoArray[3]={0, 0, 0};///array for photocell data
          int buttonArray[3]={0, 0, 0};//array for button data
          unsigned long timeArray[5]={0, 0, 0};//array for time data
          currentTime = millis();
          timeArray[0] = currentTime;//first values collected out of 3
          photoArray[0] = photoValue;
          buttonArray[0] = buttonValue;
          digitalWrite(ledPing, HIGH);
          digitalWrite(ledPinr, LOW);
          Serial.println(" Welcome Director");
          currentTime = millis();
          timeArray[1] = currentTime;//first values collected out of 3
          photoArray[1] = photoValue;
          buttonArray[1] = buttonValue;
          tone(buzzer, 900); // Send 1KHz sound signal...
          noTone(buzzer);     // Stop sound...
          delay(1000);///this holds the door open for only one second so that the agent may pass, this can change
  // read the value from the sensor:
   //zTime =millis();
  photoValue = analogRead(photoPin);
  if(photoValue < 100){//someone has entered
  spyCounter++;//spy entered so +1 for agent data on spies
           currentTime = millis();
          timeArray[2] = currentTime;//first values collected out of 3
          photoArray[2] = photoValue;
          buttonArray[2] = buttonValue;
    Serial.print("[enetered]");//if the sensor value is high, then it means the agent has passed through the door
currentTime = millis();
void timeData(unsigned long [] a, int []b, int [] c){
  //a is time in seconds
  //b is photocell value
  //c is buttonValue (0=LOW and 100=HIGH)
//(int) a;
Serial.print("time"); Serial.print("  "); Serial.print("photocellValue");Serial.print("  "); Serial.print("button data"); Serial.println(" ");
for(int i = 0; i<3; i++){

Serial.print(a[i]/1000); Serial.print("          "); Serial.print(b[i]);Serial.print("          "); Serial.print(c[i]); Serial.println(" ");



void timeData(unsigned long a [],etc

lol the values I'm taking are from unsigned long currentTime which is equal to millis();. So I don't really know how to refer to that array or can I not make an array of unsigned long? What do I do then

I don’t understand your question

its okay it works I just forgot to change array size