Arsuino R3 + VMA03 + Nemar 23 Problem

Hi, I would like to operate a stepper motor Nemar 23 with the shield VMA03. My first board is already broken and I do not know why.

My stepper motor has a nominal voltage of 24-48V and a nominal current of 4.2A.

How to connect the Nemar 23 to the VMA03 board?

Is the board compatible with the stepper motor?

On the board I have an external voltage of 28V / 10A applied

What is a "shield VMA03"? Post a link to its datasheet.

By the way, I presume your spelling is more accurate when you are writing a program so why should we be subjected to your carelessness?


Please stop cross posting, even if you do it in different languages. Read my reply in the German forum and stop wasting time by double postings.