Art Project_ ATOPOS ultrasonic sensor + LED fading


Just working a new art project, the first with Arduino. I have some questions before start to buy elements.
I need a sculpture with 4/5 distance ultrasonic sensors that control 30 Leds. WHen you are in range of a sensor 1 group of Leds (3x?) fade on depending of distance.
Closer = brighter
Range: 4-400cm


Thanks a lot if someone can give me a way in!

  • CAn I do this wiyh only an Arduino UNO?

No. At a minimum, you'll need some LEDs, some resistors, some wire, and some ultrasonic sensors.

  • How many Leds can power with Arduino UNO?

How many angels can sit on the head of a pin? Depends on the size of the angels, doesn't it?

  • What direction of programing I have to use?

From the PC to the Arduino. The other way doesn't work as well.

  • Is this sensor ok for this kind of project?

If the angle is OK, yes.