Arte Útil, 2.0 culture and disobedience, Thu, Feb 20, FREE ACCESS Van Abbemuseum

Today, art has the potential to challenge the status quo through new forms of technology.
Within the current system the law and our access to information does not always protect the many but the few in power.
Civic disobedience is one strategy to disrupt the status quo. But who gains from such forms of disobedience and is this an effective way to disrupt power?

Within its exhibition The Museum of Arte Útil, the Van Abbemuseum proposes an open public discussion about this issue with 3 relevant guests that are already part of the History of HACKTIVISM. TAKE THE CHANCE TO TALK WITH THEM!

Thu, Feb 20
Controversies, session 3: Arte Útil, 2.0 culture and disobedience
18.30 - 20.30pm, A05 / Room of Controversies (Van Abbemuseum)