Article on Arduino for Embedded For You Magazine

Hi, I am technical adviser at Embedded For You magazine,India. Our magazine is published bimonthly in India and focuses on providing opportunity to engineers and hobbyists to learn Embedded System.Each issue of our magazine includes a project PCB of an Industrial Application along with its description. Our project FY 2011 January-February Issue is an Arduino-Compatible Development board.Also along with it we will be covering an article about Difference's between Cross compilers and Open Source Physical Computing Platforms.

If you wish to contribute an article do let me know by 14 Feb 2011. The article will be published in our magazine as cover story and will be published in India only.

Thanks Divyansh Gupta


I wish there is a better place to post this but your post doesn't belong to education. Somehow having sub-boards for each country or region is not happening here. Please remove it.

Hi, In my opinion this post can take place in this forum section. It is rather about help than advertising. Unfortunately I am not skilled enough to help you ... May be Arduino staff could help you .. they are open-minded and nice people. Salutations (I apologize for my bad English)


please send me a PM with your needs