Arudino Mega 2560 Uploading Problem


I am having Arudino Mega 2560 Board, Arudino 1.8.1 & windows 7. I was trying to upload example code of “Blink” on it but could not able to get success while uploading. Following error getting

[u][u]“avrdude: stk500v2_ReceiveMessage(): timeout[/u][/u] [u][u]avrdude: stk500v2_getsync(): timeout communicating with programmer[/u][/u] [u][u]An error occurred while uploading the sketch”[/u][/u] [u]I have tried following:[/u] [u]1. Removed arudino current version s/w and download previous which is arudino 1.6.7-windows but problem persists.[/u] [u]2. Make programmer “ Arudino as ISP” and then try to run example code of “ ArudinoISP” but problem persists.[/u] [u]Please suggest any method to upload program on Mega without using any external bootloader program.[/u] [u]Thanks in advance for support[/u]

Not the complete error msg but enough to throw a guess and a question back.

Can you see the board in device manager is so what do you see ? If not then possible you need additional drivers not inclided with the IDE. Did you remove everything connected to the board before uploading ? Did you try another USB cable ? Are you using USB 2.0 or 3.0 ports ?

Thanks for prompt reply

Yes I can see Aurdino Mega 2560 Board under Ports (COM5).

Same Port and USB cable is being used for Arudino Uno and working perfectly fine.

I have not connected anything connected to Mega board except USB cable to PC.

I am using USB 2.0.

I might be having the same problem as you do, although for me device does not show up at all. No solution yet.

Hi graygreengold

I saw your given forum.

Symptoms of board are same. i.e Power LED On and yellow LED keep on blinking.

However in my case I can see board in device manager and shows drivers up to date.

I don't know the solution and let's see.


@ Vika Have you tried the loopback test ? Instructions here

Hi bob

Loop back test failed in Arudino Mega. No response in Tx or Rx LED when using hyperterminal.

This means, it failed either of the host computer hardware driver, USB cable, and USB to serial converter.

Hardware driver and USB cable are working fine as same PC and cable working OK with other board.

Further, USB to serial converter may be faulty.

Any-means to rectify this problem ?? (except IC/hardware change)


No real fixes unless you have the time and equipment to do a repair and its often not worth it as you could end up chasing your tail.

Sorry about the bad news