Aruduino + IOS App linking


I am a final Engineering Mechanical Engineering Science student. My final project is to make a 'Grocery-Bot' to assist the elderly people with their shopping. According to the problem statement fro my project; it would be primarily located at the supermarket . The elderly use a supermarket chain app. (Coles for eg. - link provided below) on a smartphone which helps them create a shopping list and are provided with a code via SMS to input on the Robot LCD panel. When they go to the supermarket they enter the code through the Robot LCD interface. The robot cart then directs the elderly customer through speech instructions to the location of the product and follows then to the aisle. The customer can put things into the robot Cart like a normal super market trolley till they reach the checkout.

Coles - Australia app. link

The robot needs to the iOS or other mobile OS and download a shopping list which it then compares against a product data base fro the supermarket to map out a route for the elderly customer to the shelf location. We have to develop an algorithm to optimize the shoppers' browsing time due to some mobility issues with the elderly. The Robot also accompanies the customer to the shelf location (acting like a navigator) and the customer just walks along with it.

Problem :-

The trouble I am having is to interface the Arduino to the Wi-Fi so that it could download the customer's shopping list from the supermarket app (Coles Supermarket- in this instance). How can we transfer the shopping list from the app. on the phone to the robot so it can locate for the products through the database? I am wondering if you would be kind to give me some assistance in this as I am clueless and I just came around to your website.


The trouble I am having is to interface the Arduino to the Wi-Fi so that it could download

If your question is about how use an Arduino to access data over a WiFi network then your title is misleading. A search for Arduino WiFi should show you that what you're asking for is commonly done and just needs a WiFi shield.

You might want to look at this product: It might generate some ideas.