Aruino CASIS project

We are an 8th grade science class working with CASIS to send an Arduino ArduLab into space. We are challenged with finding a camera to fit the lab and are having great difficulty. We need two cameras, no more than 2" square max that will run with Arduino MEGA.l It needs to save to SD card and can't use more than the power from ONE USB connection. If you know any camera that can fit these specifications, please help!

Do you know the concept "Radiation hardening"? If not, I recommend you to read it on wiki. Arduino will NOT survive space!

That statement seems a little oversimplified. What is "space" exactly? There is a difference between LEO (low Erath orbit) and deep space. The ARDULAB seems to be certified for orbits of 400 km. There were 2560s in various space missions even higher up. So I would not concur without a test (which I'll do in 2016. I'll keep you informed).
For the cameras check with adafruit, they have some stuff which might be helpful. Good luck with your space experiment and keep us posted!