Aruino Nano RP2040 on-board LED no longer blinking on boot?

I am a beginner to Arduino and I have a question about my "Aruino Nano RP2040" which may have a defect?

When I first connected USB voltage, the on-board LEDs begin blinking in orange and green. This seems to me like a kind of boot procedure.

But after a lot of playing with connecting and disconnecting, now the on-board LEDs are no longer blinking when I connect voltage. The green LED is now always lit and I am not able to connect the board with my Notebook.

I wonder if the board can have a kind of hardware defect now? Can anybody explain what the Blinking and not Blinking LEDs on connecting voltage mean?

Thanks for help.


The blinking was the inital program and this was uninstalled. So blinking or not blinking is not an indicator for hardware defects as I assumed.
If the green LED lit than the board should be fine.

My general problem was that I was unable to upload a new sketch. I always received the message:

An error occurred while uploading the sketch

The strange thing was that I followed an unbelievible advice from this discussion :

After I pressed the reset button on the board quickly 2 times (or 3 times I don't remember) the board worked again and now I can upload sketches.

Can someone explain what this magic "quickly press reset 2 times" means...?


Press the reset button 2 times, quickly? Well, not just any time - just before you upload. You could Google, "perpetual bootloader mode".

@rsoika check this ( and try the 3 steps outlined there.

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Thanks a lot! Yes now it is working great again. It was the 'perpetual bootloader issue' I think.
After pressing the reset button 2-times now I can connect again the Arduino on all of my developer notebooks and it is detected correctly.

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